WorkUpload review: is a file host company from Germany that offers you a convenient and straightforward solution for managing and sharing digital content. The premium file host services such as one-time links, bulk-download, and multi-upload are offered for free. Anyone can use these features.

Workupload file host review

WorkUpload provides more than just uploading files. This file host has a lot of features that will make your life a bit easier. You are offered a bulk download feature where you can download whole project files, work files, photo collections with a single click. These files are compressed into a ZIP file that you can easily download.

WorkUpload review: Cloud storage that works hard in your behalf

You also have a feature called the one-time-links, where you can limit access to files by setting the number of times your data can be downloaded. The expire-links feature lets you set a date when your files can no longer be downloaded.

With WorkUpload, you can upload hundreds of files all at once. It doesn’t matter what type it is. It can be files, pictures, or documents. When you have uploaded your data, you can protect them from unauthorized access by using password protection. You are allowed to share as many files as you want.

Freemium offer with advanced features

There are limits on the size of the file you can upload. The maximum file size allowed is 2GB. And when you upload, your account must be active for your data to remain without being deleted. For comparison – FBoom offers 500MB for freemium, but 5 GB for premium users.

A file will be removed after 90 days if it is inactive without a call. If you specify the retention period, your data can be stored until the time you choose.

When you upload your files, WorkUpload cloud storage guarantees your security. No one will access them unless you have allowed some people. Only those with a link to your data will be able to access them. You should set a password to protect any sensitive files.

WorkUpload review: Conclusion

You have full control of your files, and you can delete them any time you want. WorkUpload cloud storage is not enormous nor does it offer the biggest upload size, however, it is not a bad choice in our opinion.

Many advanced features for freemium users and fresh design speak for itself. Read more reviews on link generators here, if you still hesitate on which to choose.

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