Wdupload review: WdUpload.com is a cloud storage service that lets you share, store, and manage files for free. You can be anywhere in the world or using any device to use this service and its file storage.

You can store any data type with Wdupload online storage company. Easy to use interface that gives you quick access to all your data stored in the account – photos, files, documents, video, music, contacts, events, daily tasks, and favourite sites.

Wdupload file host review

You are allowed to upload any file as long as it meets the terms of service. Wdupload provides different solutions for your files. Store data online and enjoy the convenience of accessing it anywhere you are and anytime you want. You are offered a possibility of protecting your files from viruses and computer crashes and share them with anyone in a quick way.

WdUpload Review: Secure cloud with a great UI

This file host offers you full control of your files. You can choose to do whatever you want with them, such as share them with anyone you trust. The sharing process has been made secure and comfortable. Only the files that you have chosen to share will be shown to the person you shared with.

But everything else will remain private. There are no limits when it comes to the number of people you would like to share your files with. It can be as many as you want. Also, WdUpload doesn’t limit you on the transfer speeds. The transfer speeds will be the same as that of your Internet Service Provider.

Massive cloud storage space

WdUpload offers both free and paid account. The free account provides you 1 GB of storage space while the Platinum Plan offers up to 500 GB of storage space. That’s massive storage for all file types compared to a private user-oriented file host such as Workupload. If that space isn’t enough for you, you are offered an option to choose a custom plan.

You can upload files in three different ways. You can choose data from the computer, provide a link, and utilize remote upload or upload files through an FTP client app.

WdUpload review: Conclusion

Should you accidentally delete files or deleted a file that you might need in the future, there is a trash bin where you can recover them. The trash bin can be found at the bottom of the File Manager or using the menu button at the top of the page. You should, however, note that deleted files can stay in the trash bin for only seven days. After being there for seven days without been recovered, the data will automatically be deleted.

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