Vidoza review: is a cloud service provider that offers fast and stable video hosting. They offer you an opportunity to share videos for free. The main page welcomes you with a beautifully done animation. The UX/UI is definitely something, that gives Vidoza heads up from the competition.

Vidoza video hosting review lets you upload files in many formats. They encode all video files by the file manager in .mp4 format, which is browser-streamable. Even if you upload an mp4 file, there will still be some encoding. Only much faster.

Vidoza review: a cloud service that lets you earn money

A free account has limited functionality, however, with a premium account, you can do a lot with Vidoza. You can access personal offers and individual rates. It grants you unlimited storage space and a possibility of storing files without viewing for up to 30 days.

Encode data in two qualities: 720p and lower resolution. Get personal and preference support. Access to hidden functionality and new features.
Get assistance, advice, and consultation with traffic analytics for free.

These features are available for premium users. A premium account can be obtained for free by doing anything from the list below:

• Become major uploader
• Own a blog, website, or forum with high traffic
• Place a Vidoza player on popular sites
• Use a referral link to attract a certain number of people

Unlimited storage space

When you get a premium account, your files will not be deleted for as long as possible when there are no downloads or views. With the free account, the data will be deleted when they are not views after 15 days. The premium account offers unlimited storage space. With a free account you “only” get 1.5TB.

The supported formats include Ogg, Avg, WebM, 3gp, XviD, DivX m2v, m4v, MOV, mp4, Flv, WMV, VOB, MPEG, Avi, and Mkv. And maximum video file you can upload is 15gb.

How does Vidoza count the views?

There is also a possibility to earn money through different programs. You can earn from the friend referral program. Get 11% of the income from the referred users. You can also earn by views and download. However, you should know that there are rules.

Downloads and views can only be counted up to 4 times every 24 hours for each IP. Views from non-unique IPs doesn’t count. Views only count if the NoScript/Adblock is turned off. The file should be above 5MB in size. The visitor must view at least 5% of the video length. Views from blacklisted IPs doesn’t count. Fraudulent views such as to mislead players and bots are not paid for.

Vidoza is not only designed well in terms of visual, but it also has many original ideas to motivate its users to share and upload. It is one of the best services when it comes to video hosting.

Vidoza review: Conclusion

It could seem complicated in the beginning, but everything works as promised. The service is suitable for companies, small content creators, but also for the general public. Check out more file host reviews, if you still hesitate which to choose.

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