Vidlox review: is a video hosting provider that offers video streaming tools, online storage, and sophisticated uploading. You can share, store, and manage files for free. Be anywhere in the world and use any device with this service. You can play the videos online from a mobile device or a browser.

Vidlox file host review

The quality and size of a video are optimized and made playable in an online player, and you can begin watching the video without downloading the entire file.

Vidlox review: A modern file host with premium features

You can host any video file. offer an easy to use interface that gives you quick access to all your data that you have stored in the account. Upload any file as long as it meets the terms of service.

You are not allowed to upload hateful videos to Vidlox, videos that harass others or those that have discriminatory or abusive speech. You are also not allowed to upload offensive materials and copyrighted materials.

Have a control over your files

Vidlox offers different solutions for your files. Store videos online and enjoy the convenience of accessing, sharing, and downloading them any time you want. You are offered a possibility of protecting your files from viruses and computer crashes and share them with anyone in a quick way.

Vidlox offers you full control of your files. You can choose to do whatever you want with them, such as share them with anyone you want. The sharing process has been made secure and comfortable. Only the files that you have chosen to share will be shown to the person you shared with. But everything else will remain private.

Video streaming and other advanced features

You are offered multiple upload options such as remote upload and FTP. You will get fast and numerous support channels such as email, skype support, and live chat.

A viewer will watch the video in 480p and 720p formats, and there is a subtitle feature. A file will remain online for up to 40 days when not viewed for exclusive members and up to 20 days for regular members. With a small fee, file expiry can be disabled.

A free user gets 1500GB while unique users (Those with high views) gets 2000GB. However, if you need more space, you can request by contacting Vidlox.

Vidlox review: Conclusion

There are no limits when it comes to the number of people you would like to share your files with. Also, Vidlox doesn’t limit you on the transfer speeds. The transfer speeds will be the same as that of your Internet Service Provider. And you can try it for free.

We have reviewed over 30 different file hosts.

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