Upstore review: is a startup registered in Cyprus that lets you upload, backup and share files with family, friends, and anyone. It allows for file transfer across the world. You can use Upstore as a guest with the online uploader. But if you want to have control over your files like renaming and deleting them, you need to register for an account.

Upstore file host review

All file types are allowed. However, files with animal porn, child porn, violence, copro porn, necro porn, and other data that break the laws of EU and the US are prohibited.

Upstore review: A generous freemium offer

Upstore offers guest, free, and premium services. If you want good upload and download speeds, more storage capacity, and permanent storage, you will need a premium account.

A file can stay on Upstore forever as long as it’s a popular file or a file uploaded by a premium user. Files uploaded by the guest is deleted by after 30 days if the data isn’t downloaded for that period. A file uploaded by a registered can stay up to 90 days if inactive.

Upstore offer a remote upload feature that lets you put a direct link to your file. When uploading through a web browser, you can simultaneously upload up to 10 files.

Data limits and transfer speed

A free user and a guest user can only download up to 6000 MB every 24 hours while a premium user can upload files up to 20000 MB every 24 hours. The maximum upload file size for guest and free users is at 2 GB, and that of a premium user is at 5 GB. The maximum download file size for guest and free users is 2 GB while that of a premium user is unlimited.

Your files are safe with Upstore as they will not be shared with anyone else other than those you wish to share with them.

Upstore review: conclusion

Anytime you want to send a file which is too large than allowed by the email; you can use Upstore. You can also use Upstore when you want storage capacity that is secure for off-site backups.

Access personal data from different computers without carrying your USB drive around. The free offer of is generous and transfer speed is sufficient. Upstore also appears in the offer of some of the best premium link generators.

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