UploadBoy review: Uploadboy.com is a file hosting provider that offers online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading, and downloading tools.

With UploadBoy, you can upload and store files, images, videos, audio, and flash on the same place. If you are a free user, you will get 100 GB of space, and a premium user gets 10 TB.

upload boy file host review

UploadBoy review: Standart file hosting service

Uploadboy is convenient when you want to send a file that might be too large to be sent over the email. If you wish to have a secure remote storage capacity for an offsite backup, you might need Uploadboy. If you want to access your data from any device, you don’t have to carry a USB drive anywhere you go. You can log in to Uploadboy anywhere from any device, and you will have the files you need.

Files uploaded to Uploadboy are safe, and no one can access them without your permission. That’s why you can choose to share your data with anyone you wish. You can also use it as a way to back up your files without worrying about anyone accessing them without permission.

Manage your content, share links

You are allowed to upload any file type. It can be your party photos or an important document. You are, however, not allowed to upload sexual images, nudity, pornography, copyrighted material, and any offensive material.

If you have uploaded a file and you want to delete it, you will need to use a delete link. This link is provided during file upload. You also have the option to delete a file from the “my files” page.

When downloading a file, a direct download link is generated just for you. This link has an expiry date.

The maximum download limit per day for a premium user is at 100 GB while that of a free user is at 10 Gb. Download size is unlimited for a premium user and stops at 2 GB for free users. The maximum upload file size for a premium user is 20 Gb, while that of a free user is at 2 GB. You can use a download manager to download, resume, and simultaneous connection.

UploadBoy review: Conclusion

UploadBoy is very easy to use, and anyone, including students, business professionals, and artists, can comfortably use it. It doesn’t have the best content offer and lacks some advanced feature, but it does the basics well.

Would you like to have unlimited access to UploadBoy, Rapidgator, WgUpload, MediaFire, Turbobit and more than 30 other file hosts for one price?

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