Sendspace delivers millions of files every week, and yet they make every file very important. That’s why a lot of work has been put for data to be available for quick and easy download. That’s because Sendspace is a file host that is merely passionate about file delivery.

Sendspace file host review

They have been helping our customers to send large files since 2005. Offering amazing features that let you monitor and edit files. You need to register using a wizard tool, and you will be able to recover deleted files and download links.

The upload process is straightforward, and its speeds depend on the speed of your internet connection. When it comes to the length of time files can be hosted, Sendspace can store your data for up to 30 days. After that, they are removed, if they are inactive.

Files can be downloaded as many times as you want. The cloud service company doesn’t impose limitations on this. You will need to upgrade to Sendspace premium if you don’t want your file to be deleted.

Get a premium for advanced file host features

Sendspace premium enables you to distribute files most efficiently and cost-effectively. The data will be hosted with guaranteed delivery of the maximum possible speeds. Files can be accessed directly, which enables seamless integration into your site. A premium plan has a lot of benefits and gives you more access than a Lite account.

You can also upgrade to Sendspace pro if you want to share big files at full speed. Using direct links is easy, as well. You are allowed to upload files up to a maximum file size of 10 GB. This depends on the level of purchase. There are no ads, and your recipients get instant access wherever they are and any time they want.

There is also a Sendspace business plan. This plan has all the benefits and capabilities of a Sendspace Pro account but spanned across several users in a workgroup.

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