Previewing Movies or Mp3 from Rapidgator Links

Aside BitTorrent, just a click file hosting platforms, also referred to as cyberlockers, remains one of the central channels to download video and mp3, and both techniques have their benefits and disadvantages. The content on BitTorrent protocol is stored as long as seeders exist, however, some Internet Service Providers block or throttle the speed while using it which is causing it lags while downloading without utilizing a VPN client to bypass the limitation.

Rapidgator links

Just a click file host platforms, the content is not stored in the cloud for long as the DMCA outcome will remove the content from the client’s account. A viable functionality discovered in some BitTorrent user program is the capability to see the video beforehand by watching online or seeing the movie while downloading. By this, you can know if the standard of the video and mp3 is okay and if to keep watching or stop the download, which will manage bandwidth and time.

What has changed?

Different software or saving managers that could stream video or mp3 files saved on file hosting platforms have stopped it because they are not interested in it and in coping with the difficulty in watching while keeping many compressed parts anymore.

Moreover, there is another way to see a video and mp3 songs beforehand manually from just a click content host platforms without having to save all sections of the document.

Some software properties that you will require to preview content from connections such as Uploaded and Rapidgator. Also, a web browser like Mozilla Firefox will be necessary, no alpha or beta adaptation of 7-Zip downloader, plus an excellent software program like MPC-HC and SMPlayer.

There are ways out:

The first approach is to utilize a Firefox browser to download the content partially ( up 30mb is ideal). Then pause the download by right-clicking. Firefox is perfect as you are capable of extracting partially downloaded file. You cannot try this in Opera or Chrome as the 7-Zip will read that the content is being utilized in another way, and you won’t be able to download or extract.

The second approach is to utilize the 7-zip adaptation that is stable in extracting the file you have partially downloaded. Open the location of the data, right-click, and browse to 7-Zip, then click ‘extract here.’ Many users have complained of not being able to extract utilizing the v9.38 and v25.05 of the 7-zip. That is why using the stable version 7-zip 9.20 is recommended.


7-zip initiates the extraction and reports at the unexpected point of the file; file’s broken as CRC has failed. You may ignore the error notifications and select ‘Close button’ to close the window of the 7-zip.

You’ll find out that 7-Zip has created a new folder. Locate the folder and open the video. If you own a codec pack like the Shark007 already installed, the file can easily be opened utilizing the pre-designed WMP on your Windows OS. A dominant and higher media player like the MPC-HC or SMPlayer is the recommendation for this action. MPC-HC enables playing an unfinished video file. Though VLC player can play corrupted media files, better outcomes can be derived using MPC-HC and SMPlayer.

And what about phones?

Download and install the mobile version of MPC-HC or SMPlayer( Download the zip or 7z package), extract, then run the software. Now, open the video file you have partially downloaded utilizing the recommended media players. It should start playing for the length of time it will take to preview and know the quality of the media file.


This technique can work if the media file compressed just once. Some releases are double-loaded as they pick a scene and compress for the second time. So now you know why extracting always look so tedious.

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