What is RadioTunes?

What is RadioTunes: it is a popular web-based Radio broadcaster that has about 90 channels exclusively dedicated to electronic songs such as trance, and bass, house, and techno. It broadcasts carefully selected collections that consist of classic, weekly and monthly remix by expert DJs, as well as, new and yet-to-be-released hits.


RadioTunes was established in December 1999 as a pet project of Ari Shobat when he was in Binghamton University. The idea was developed from the dorm room, and it is presently one of the leading and first web-based radio stations.

What is RadioTunes and how does it work?

RadioTunes has been listed severally as a top-notch radio station. In the 2000s, the radio station participated in several protests that were targeted against huge royalty charges levied on Internet Radio. As at July 2009, radioIO, AccuRadio, with Digitally Imported signed a revenue-sharing contract with SoundExchange- a royalty collector.

SoundExchange is responsible for the obtainment of music rights. It later licenses its streaming platform out to enable several internet web-radio websites that stream non-electronic dance songs genre like rock and pop hits on over 250 channels. Examples of these websites are JazzRadio, RockRadio, ClassicalRadio, and RadioTunes, which is our focus on this article.

RadioTunes as we know it nowadays came into existence in 2004 and now offers 95 channels of expertly curated music to audience members around the globe. The channels cover sorts of the genres from rock to jazz, oldies to the new age, and everything in the middle of – and it continually expands to offer new music collections to its users

A massive help by SoundExchange

Dissimilar to other web radio organizations, RadioTunes have Channel Directors – genuine individuals who know great music – for every one of their stations. They locate the best music in every type and make playlists that give members the best music they need to hear. RadioTunes likewise represents considerable authority in offering these curated channels for specialty music sorts that are elusive anyplace else. 

Notwithstanding RT web-based listening knowledge, RadioTunes offers a full suite of mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and Amazon Kindle Fire. Audience members can appreciate the majority of their music for nothing with ads or can subscribe for RadioTunes Premium to hear the best quality sound without any intrusions. 

Would you like to upgrade to Premium? 

RadioTunes.com offers two premium plans. The yearly arrangement cost $3.33/month with $40 charged once every year while the two years arrangement cost $2.92/month with $70 charged once at regular intervals. 

RadioTunes premium features

No Advertisements 

Prop your furrow up with no business intrusions and appreciate the majority of your preferred channels without hearing or seeing commercials. 

Higher Quality Audio 

RadioTunes Premium supporters appreciate the sound quality that is twice in the same class as the free alternatives. Look at the sound nature of RadioTunes Free (40k AAC-HE) and Premium (128k AAC) streams to hear the distinction for yourself. 

External players 

Premium enables you to stream channels utilizing prevalent equipment players including Squeezebox, Sonos, Denon, Phillips, Roku, Pioneer, or and that will allow TuneIn or vTuner. You can likewise utilize sound players like Winamp, iTunes,  VLC, and several others. 


Premium works with RT suite of local portable applications for Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. You can likewise get to premium streams utilizing practically any outsider gadgets or programming player of your decision. 

When you make a free record, you are permitted to stream at the decent sound quality, however with ads interruptions. Premium offers much higher sound quality, ad-free music, for a low month to month charge. 

Premium individuals are associated with specialized servers and get access to RadioTunes constant Premium support. They are likewise permitted to get to the steams on equipment players like Squeezebox and Sonos, and work area players such as VLC, iTunes, and numerous others. 

RadioTunes: Conclusion

Attempt a free 30-day Premium trial with RadioTunes mobile applications to encounter the advantages yourself. 

You gain admittance to all music channels on the AudioAddict Network, in truth when you move up to RadioTunes Premium. 

The AudioAddict Network unites all channels on JAZZRADIO.com, DI.FM, RadioTunes, ClassicalRadio.com, and ROCKRADIO.COM. 

RadioTunes platform accepts MasterCard, Visa American Express, PayPal, and Discover payment.

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