What is Oboom?

What is Oboom: Oboom.com provides you with a completely free subscription where you can save files in the cloud irrespective of your device and location. The proprietor of the platform attached a higher significance to teamwork and desires to utilize the platform to establish a means of sharing files without stress from any location and with any device.

Security and discretion remain the top priorities for Oboom.

Oboom main page

Some unique features of Oboom

  • It is a free account.
  • The free disk storage is up to 50GB.
  • You can create an anonymous account.
  • It is mobile-friendly.
  • You can use a download manager of your choice.

Oboom does not provide an exclusive premium package in its categories as a result of its belief in free access. The platform offers its solution to the users entirely free of any charge. Members have access to 50Gb storage space.

If you want to access more benefits in the Premium offer of Oboom, a Smoozed Pro account will be perfect. This will help you enjoy unlimited speed and no lags while downloading. To utilize the Premium account on Oboom, you need to register on Smoozed and after that enter the details of the Smoozed account in your Smoozed Addon or JDownloader.org

A pro account does not limit you to only the complete range of services provided by Oboom Premium; you also get to enjoy all file hosters services.

Does Boom offer any bonus?

The Pay-per-download remains a cool bonus offer. Members can earn a commission when they upload large files to the cloud. To enjoy this, the data must be prevalent and must be downloaded frequently. The various file hosters on Oboom also offer this bonus opportunity as they have different bonus program to encourage clients to upload captivating files. Commissions earned differ depending on the client and can serve not only as extra income but a significant source of income.

Payment and costs options

Concerning privacy and data protection, Oboom prioritizes confidentiality and adherence to legal provisions. Unlike many vendors. Oboom provides solutions without providing personal information.

In a situation where it has to be collected, it will merely be voluntary. Oboom does not share data with third parties without your express permission. The platform aspires to guarantee the best security, but emphasize that total security is not achievable.

When utilizing Facebook, for instance, information can be traded between the Facebook server and the browser by the use of plug-ins. You can avoid this by signing out of your facebook. Further data is assessed by Google Analytics to optimize user experience. Also, personal information can be stored or exchanged when utilizing Twitter or Google Plus.

Customer Service

You can send an e-mail to customer support in case you have any inquiries. Another faster option is to read through the Frequently Asked Questions. Most of the possible questions have been answered.

User-friendly Interface

The Oboom’s website is beautifully designed so that the philosophy of the company and the service are visible immediately you open it. 

Immediately you sign in, you will be directed to the CloudDrive overview. This is where you can download or upload files. Not only that, you can adjust your settings and check any partner plan you like.

Mobile App

The platform does not provide a mobile app so beware of a fake app designed to steal your information. Though they are working on it, you can utilizers jDownloader to manage uploads and downloads on Oboom. You can also sign in into the Smoozed Pro account and utilize the Premium service.

The essence of the premium account is to enjoy different features that Oboom provides. For instance, you can connect many file hosters like keep2share, Filefactory, and Streamcloud. The Premium plan also permits you to access service at an optimized speed. You can use the VPN services to maintain your anonymity and also have up to 50Gb storage daily.

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