Mexashare review: is a file-sharing service that lets you upload files and share them with the public and the friends. You can also upload and store data so that you can download them any time you want, anywhere you might be.

mexashare file host

Anytime you want to send a file which is too large than allowed by the email; you can use Mexashare. You can also use Mexashare when you want storage capacity that is secure for off-site backups. Access personal data from different computers without carrying your USB drive around.

Is it down right now?

Mexashare offers both free and premium services. If you want good upload and download speeds, more storage capacity, and permanent storage, you will need a premium account.

Mexashare lets you upload and store any file as long as you follow their terms of service. You can upload all file extensions except for “.exe” file extensions which are not allowed for security reasons. However, if you really must upload a “.exe” extension, you can compress and upload. You can upload and store files as long as they don’t contain child pornography, copyrighted materials, nudity and pornography, terrorism and radicalism materials or harmful software.

Your files are safe with MexaShare as they will not be shared with anyone else other than those you wish to share with them. Sharing of account with another person is strictly forbidden and cannot be used as a leech service. The account will be banned.

Mexashare review conclusion – up and down

Mexashare was a file hosting service with a funky design that takes your security quite seriously. Recently it stopped working for reasons unknown. The domain is still in the ownership of original creators of Mexashare, however, there are no signs of restoring it to a functional state. Luckily, there is a lot of other file hosts, that are working just fine. Take your time and read our filehost reviews.

Mexashare review update: the product recently moved to a new domain –

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