Fshare review: Fshare.vn is a cloud service from Vietnam that will give you free 50GB to store data online as soon as you complete the registration process. You will use the 50 GB space to store all kinds of data, including documents, games, software, and movies.

Fshare file host review

You are allowed to share files anytime and anywhere you are. Also, you can download data easily and quickly irrespective of where you are.

Fshare review: Filehost with a convenient file manager

Fshare offer flexible payment options. These include various forms of payment from e-wallets to Visa cards, phone scratch cards, SMS messages, etc.

You also get high security. Your archived data at Fshare is always securely out of sight of the public. It is much easier to download a large volume of data with a premium account. For those who frequently download files from our service, the premium account is a must-have, as it provides the highest download speed and bandwidth, thus saving you a lot of time.

File host with space up to 100TB

Using your favourite file manager for multithreaded downloads and flexible process management is only available to premium account holders. What is also essential, only premium owners can upload files via FTP.

You can use a storage package plan which is ideal for those with significant storage needs. Amazingly high upload and download speeds are also included. You get storage space of between 1TB and 100 TB. You will copy a file to your account and watch them online.

With the VIP plan, you get limited storage and download. You will get high upload and download speeds and storage space of 300 GB. You will upload your files and access them any time you want.

Another plan offered by Fshare cloud service is Traffic package. It is a package for many uploaders like game companies and anyone with big data that they wish to share. The recipient can download files at super high speeds without the need to create an account.

Fshare review: Conclusion

Dataspace of up to 300 GB awaits as soon as you upgrade to VIP. You are assured of the security and safety of files when you use Fshare.
Sharing of data has been made easy and quick, and you can securely share files ins a few simple steps.

Fshare offers extreme storage space and download speeds. You can try its free version, or read more file host reviews.

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