FileFactory review: is an online storage service company that offers the convenience of uploading and sharing files without limits.

Filefactory cloud storage review

You can choose to upload, send, and receive any file type up to 5 GB with unlimited bandwidth. These could be images, videos, music, documents, or any other file. If you are storing more than 5TB of data, Fair Use Policy will apply.

You can choose a premium cloud storage plan if you don’t want the daily or hourly limits on downloads. You will also get a third-part download manager support where you will have faster download speed, multiple file download at once, and able to resume downloads.

Filefactory review: Fast cloud storage with a freemium option

The files will only be removed for free members when they have been inactive for more than 30 days. There are no limits on the number of times a file is downloaded or the number of people downloading it.

You can share original mixes and stream audio files on Filefactory for free. You can also allow anyone to upload files to your account and you can review with a Filebox uploader. The FileFactory makes it easy to upload, download, share, and organize data. You also have the option to share your links on social media, forums, or blogs.

Variety of different file host premium subscription

Filefactory also lets you import files from another member account with one click, and you can have your own copy.
You can keep your files and folders safe by setting a password. No one will download the files without entering the password.

With a premium account, you will get unlimited downloads, no popups, unlimited speed, and more. Using it for 365 days will cost $94, which is only $8 every month. For 180 days, it costs $59, which is $10 per month. If you subscribe for 90 days, it will cost $35, which will be $12 per month. If you choose a one-month plan, it will cost $13.

FileFactory review: Conclusion

Filefactory is no cloud storage newbie and you get a decent offer with a price that doesn’t ruin your wallet. Some premium link generators also offer unlimited bandwidth among other file hosts.

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