Is FileFactory still up and running?

FileFactory is a file-sharing cloud platform that provides users with the opportunity of uploading and downloading various types of files. FileFactory manages the data to be downloaded or uploaded from the platform’s cloud. After some technical issues, it is back in business and doing well.

The platform is automatically enabled to expedite download and upload time, which is suitable when managing more than a single file at the same time. The platform has a simplified interface where members can keep a close track on their data.


You can pause downloading and uploading and also resume later without the need to start from the beginning. Users are permitted to upload and download files directly from the desktop without opening the FileFactory website on a browser.

Some features of its Turbo software.

  • a. A simplified and easy user interface that is suitable for internet users.
  • b. Multi-faceted uploads and downloads that expedite transfer speeds.
  • c. It does not consume too much computer system resources.
  • d. Organize all content in a single location.
  • e. Light-weight software.

The app is synced with popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so it is easier for users to access with a single click of the mouse.

Benefits of using the platforms

  • Unlimited Uploads: You can upload, save, and share images, music, video, and documents- the exciting thing is any file or format can be shared. Fair Use policy is applicable to account that stores over 5TB.
  • Unlimited Downloads: premium access provides you with no hourly or daily restrictions. Third-party file manager enhances download speed, resume your downloads, or even download more than one files at the same time.
  • Unlimited Storage: Individual file can take about 5Gb size. Free users have inactive files removed to free the space after 30 days. This way, only accessible data are active.
  • Host: You can download files as many times as you want. Also, there is no restriction to the number of people that can download files.
  • Stream: You can share, upload, or stream audio files on the websites without charges.
  • Collaborate: Anyone can be permitted to upload any file to your account. This way, your customized Filebox uploader can be reviewed.
  • Share: File links are shareable on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Simplified sharing: The platform Filemanager simplifies sharing, downloading, and organization of files.
  • Ease while importing files: You can duplicate any of your data from another member to your account with a single click. This way, you can have a copy.
  • Password protection: Your data cannot be accessed by anyone who does not have access to it. The platform makes it easy to secure your data.
  • Resume downloads without interruption: You can download files from any connected device. Any file can be downloaded and shared as many times as possible.

Steps to take if FileFactory has banned your IP

This is usually an automatic action from the server when there are too many requests emanating from the same IP. This usually occurs when you try to utilize FileFactory’s platform illegally, such as sending automatic responses from a different server.

The best approach to get your account unblocked is to desist from sending automatic responses. Then, your account will be unblocked.

Utilizing a VPN can also get your account to be suspended temporarily. This is because a lot of users might be making use of that same IP address at the same time. If this is the case, you can select a different location or server, or disable your VPN and reconnect.

You can also restart your internet modem if a new IP address is reassigned to you by your Internet Service Provider.

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