DepositFiles review: is a cloud storage service which lets you transfer your files safely, store, and distribute them. You can find the same file host service under the name

Depositfiles review

You are allowed to upload and download files up to 10 GB for free. The maximum filesize for a file system FAT32 is 4 GB. Using DepositFiles is simple and that why millions of people across the world use this file host service without difficulty.

DepositFiles review: Freemium cloud storage account with 5GB/day

Registering for an account gives you some advantages. Depending on your account, you might get more features. It includes a more convenient way to remove the uploaded files and also get a safe forwarding for huge files up to 10 Gb for example.

At DepositFiles, you can upload any file type from MP3, EXE, MPEG, JPG, ZIP, RAR, AVI, and other file extensions. These include office files, ringtones, games, applications, mp3. But also video files, music files, models, projects, conference recording, architectural drawings, price-lists, laboratory data, regular agreements, server configurations files, and advertising booklets.

Depositfiles offers the most significant file storage period of 90 days. That’s only for inactive files. The retention period extends automatically for another 90 days when someone downloads the file. You should note that data can only be stored if they comply with the terms of service and doesn’t violate the laws of your country. If the files break the law, they are removed immediately.

Extendable storage period of 90 days

There are no limitations when it comes to the number of downloads of a file. Some files have even been download more than 100k times. As a non-Gold member of Depositfiles, you can upload just one file at a time. A Gold member account lets you download up to 50 files at a time, and you can resume interrupted downloads.

With only $0.21 per day, you will get a downloading priority when the servers share traffic capacity. Depositfiles grants access to programs that make the download speed higher and helps in downloading broken files. Your download will start right away without waiting for 45 seconds like for the regular account. You can also download up to 250 files simultaneously.

DepositFiles review: Conclusion

A free user has about 5 GB of download per day. A gold member can download with maximum speed, and when reaching 20 GB per day, a technical speed limit will apply. Depositfiles is a great file host with and we recommend trying out they freemium.

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