Cocoleech is a premium fresh web page that generates links. It is also one of the Debrids who provides the widest amount of supported file hosts up to 40, including 1Fichier, Alfafile, Anonfile, Mediafire, Mega or Openload. 


Everyone can choose a file host with Cocoleech.

We mean it, Cocoleech supports so many file hosts that everybody can easily choose from their broad offer. At the time we are doing this Debrid review, there are only three “Temporary disabled” file hosts on Cocoleech:,, and

The main page is a little bit messy, and it takes some time to find your way around. After that, you can “Register” or “Login” in the top right corner, there is also a language changing button because Cocoleech supports six language interfaces at this time. Sign up to Cocoleech is a straightforward task, and you will have it in a few minutes.

At this high amount of links, some of them occasionally do not work

When completing the registration, you will definitely be interested in how to get a premium; for this reason, it is on Coconeech placed button on the central orange slat, it is the last section, and it is named “Upgrade Premium” with a small star.

On Cocoleech, you have premium subscription separated by time, there are four plans, and all of them offer torrent support, no captcha code, no ads, and high anonymity among all. Cocoleech works on loyalty points, which will give you benefits. You can get them by buying a premium from 1.000 loyalty points for 30 days subscription to 10.000 for 365 days sub.

As we said above, Cocoleech has an advantage thanks to the high number of supported file hosts services. On-site, you will just barely have an issue. However, at this high amount of links, some of them occasionally do not work.

Cocoleech review step by step

Now let us discuss step by step every aspect of Cocoleech that we consider as clef factors based on our

Download speed:

Speed is, in most cases, dependent on your local internet connection. Cocoleech has more than 25 servers around the world, and they promise 1Gbps port per each server. They also proclaimed, “You can download as fast as your ISP supports.”, which substantiates our claim. On the page, we encountered problems only after the site had big traffic, and these issues are not on a daily basis. 

Transfer limits and stability:

As a premium member on Cocoleech, you are not bordered with any daily limits, and you can generate up to 5 links at once. Stability is on the right level also, and on a regular basis, you can not have any problems.

Web design and interface:

Honestly, this is the bottom side of Cocoleech because the whole site feels chaotic, and sometimes you don’t even know where to click. Still, we have to say after you get into it, the messiness is not an issue anymore.

File hosts supported:

This category is the complete opposite of the Cocoleech user interface. Therefore something where Cocoleech really shines with a full offer of more than 40 file hosts, among all there are 1Fichier, Clicknupload, Soundcloud, Nitroflare, Rapidgator.

Price compared to package size:

Cocoleech is not idle in this section and brings four packages full of benefits, including unlimited bandwidth and high anonymity. As we said above, stability is more a matter of your local connection, and because Cocoleech has 1Gbps servers, the data flow is almost never interrupted. 

Security and privacy:

Both security and privacy are powerful elements of Cocoleech. They promise a high amount of anonymity also as part of premium plans, and on the platform was nothing found about data hoarding. The registering system, however, could use a UX update

Tech support:

Cocoleech has 24/7 support, who are always trying to help as best as they can. The answers sometimes take a few hours, overall, this support did not disappoint, and you can bombard them with your suggestions, issues, or questions and your ticket will be dealt with.

Link fetching speed

Most links work fine without any slowing or other issue. However, on a site that has more than 40 file hosts, some problems are normal, and you can come across not working links. At the moment of writing this article, there are 3 temporary disabled file hosts.


Download Speed:4 out of 5 stars
Transfer limits and stability:3.5 out of 5 stars
Design and Interface:2.2 out of 5 stars
File host offer:3.3 out of 5 stars
Economical aspect:3.5 out of 5 stars
Security and privacy:3.6 out of 5 stars
Tech support:3.3 out of 5 stars
Link fetching:3.8 out of 5 stars
Average:3.4 out of 5 stars

Cocoleech review conclusion: a broad selection of file hosts with a messy design

At the end of our Cocoleech review, we have to say that is a competitive Debrid that provides a wide range of file hosts, and everything works just fine. The page is chaotic for beginners, but after a while, you get used to it.

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