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Three words – one meaning.
Debrid is a platform that has a sole purpose in giving you access to multiple file hosts for one fee.

Therefore, in addition, we also reviewed over 20 different cloud storage servers to give you an overview of what strengths and weaknesses they have. Basic information about pricing, data limits and transfer speed – all in one place.

When you get to know, what file hosts you would like to use if you already know your favourites, it is easier to pick a favourite debrid among all different multi hosters.

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Debrid overview of three best products

It is crucial to keep our reviews up to date. If you find any mistake or misleading information, it may be due to changes in debris or file hosts. As much as we try to keep our content valid, we are a small team and our resources are limited. In case you find anything, that could use an update, let us know.