Debrid is the full hand of file hosts

When it comes down to file hosts or cloud storage services there are many different options you can choose from: Mediafire, Depositfiles,, Rapidgator or Filefactory just to name a few. Each one of them offers different content, user interface and pricing plan.

If only there is a tool, that would allow you to combine their strengths with a single subscription.

That is exactly, what a debrid does!

Definition of debrid

We here at Debrid Review are an experienced team of writers, researchers, editors and testers that continuously works on keeping our reviews up to date. Our focus is debrids. By the definition, that is nothing less or more than a premium link generator. Something, that allows you to use many file storage services at the same time and for one price.

We review each product thoroughly and give the best marks only to products we would choose ourselves. (Or we already use continually.) There are vast differences between them, so we had to choose a set of tools to measure their qualities if we want to use marks as a rating system.

Many providers offer multiple services above debrid as defined, so they may be worth the money as a package, yet not as much as a simple premium link generator. That is why their rating might seem slightly undervalued for they may be a great choice for someone, that is also looking for a paid cloud storage service in one package, to give an example.

What else we examine

  • Download speed and stability
  • Clarity of data transfer limits offer
  • UX/UI and technical support
  • File host and streaming services offer
  • Price in comparison with the package size
  • Security and privacy solutions
  • Support of mobile devices
  • User reviews from all around the web

The general problem with debrids is stability. They might work flawlessly for weeks only to stop working completely for days. Or they offer 50+ file storage services when only a fraction of them actually works.

Broken links and failed servers are not always the middleman’s fault. Smaller hosts and streaming services often have stability issues of their own.

Our opinion is that it is the duty of each provider to decide wisely which sources to offer to dodge unpleasant situations when a service you pay for doesn’t work as promised.

Debrid review: security and privacy

While downloading from the internet, one can never be careful enough. Although most file hosts test the files that are being uploaded to their site with an in-built antivirus, the most sophisticated ones can remain unnoticed. Another danger lays in content that violates the copyright laws of various publishers.

debrid security

A classic example is unofficial rips of movies or whole music albums that our uploaded without authorization of their rights holders. Different laws apply in various countries and in most of them, it is the responsibility of the uploader, nor the one who downloads it, to check that no laws were broken. But as we said – you should be cautious and choose well, which company to trust before connecting to their servers.

A good debrid takes responsibility and act in your advantage. Offering encrypted communication between your computer or mobile phone and their servers means no one sees exactly what you download, so even if you do obtain some problematic material by accident, you can simply delete it without any further sanction. So what features should a quality debrid have? Here are a few tips.

What to expect from the best multi hoster?

  1. Privacy – you don’t want to be followed
  2. Stability – you want a product that works
  3. Good ratio between price and host offer

The winner of our test is (recently .io). It offers a decent variety of connected storages for a fair price. Contributors of Debrid Review choose it over Simply-Debrid as it excels in core quality – stability and has the best design by far. You can read our review or try it yourself.

We would also recommend Cocoleech, despite a slightly slower transfer speed compared with the first two mentioned.

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While choosing the best debrid the key factor is what file hosts do the premium link generator support. We took our time and reviewed over 40 of the biggest file hosts. Take your time and choose the best one.


No one is perfect and we are merely humans doing our best in providing an honest comparison of some tech products. If you find any misleading information or if you think that some of the information provided is out of date – don’t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate all input from our readers.